VenusLocker Ransomware Operators Now Switch From Ransomware to Cryptocurrency Mining

Latest News Related To Switching of VenusLocker Ransomware

As we know very well that cyber-criminals always changes their tactics to gain online money illegally. Undoubtedly, the cryptocurrency mining is on the rise. According to the latest report of security analysts, the capitalization market of the cryptocurrency has increased more than the three-fold. Recently, security analysts noticed that the VenusLocker Ransomware has switched to deliver Monero cryptocurrency miner. The switching fact is not a big surprise in Internet because Monero price has gone from $132 to $457 on November 21st to December 21st.

As we know that VenusLocker Ransomware appeared in summer 2016. Like other ransomware it has been also created by hackers for extorting money but now it has been used by the team of cyber offenders for mining the digital currency, Monero. First of all Monero digital currency was introduced in 2014. Nowadays, the mining bitcoins on regular Systems is really not feasible. The newer cryptocurrency provides the greater anonymity to transfer illegal gains across the global world. These days, the switch from ransomware to mining is really an interesting move on VenusLocker Ransomware. To get complete details about cryptocurrency, you can visit  it’s wikipedia link.

The miner itself is known as XMRig which is known as an open-source project specifically created and designed to mine the Monero on infected Windows Systems. Some of the novice user thinks that if the mining attacks surpass the ransomware infection then it will be good news for users but in reality cryptocurrency miners are too much destructive. Bear in your mind that the cyber hackers won’t stop for looking newer way for increasing the profitability rate.

The attachment of VenusLocker Ransomware is usually come in form of the EGG files which is an archive file format. EGG files are an unusual way for spreading malware. The archive file itself contains the hidden executable file and various shortcuts like images, files, documents etc. The body of spam email or message instructs victim to open spam messages or dubious files.

Once VenusLocker Ransomware is successfully executed on Windows System, an embedded binary of Monero CPU Miner named XMRig is executed. To hide its presence, the miner is executed on PC as the remote threat under legitimate Windows component named wuapp.exe which is executed to avoid the raising suspicions. Monero’s mining algorithm is specifically designed for ordinary PCs which requires the specialized equipment to participate in mining procedure. Monero makes sense for the malware groups to be attracted to gain online profits via mining the malware campaigns

Tips To Safeguard PC Against VenusLocker Ransomware

Similar to traditional ransomware, VenusLocker Ransomware follows same intrusion method including spam campaigns, bundling method, pirated software, dubious ads, malicious links, pirated software, infected devices and many more. Once you are getting familiar with the proliferation channels of this ransomware, you can easily avoid your System by opting some simple and easy guidelines including :

  1. Don’t open any spam message or suspicious attachment arrived in your inbox from unknown sender.
  2. Keep a backup copy of your application on regular basis.
  3. Always update your installed application and Operating System.
  4. Choose always Custom/Advanced option instead of typical/default one.
  5. Avoid yourself from clicking on any suspicious advertisement or third-party link.

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