Tips on How to Block Cryptocurrency Miners in Your Web Browser

About Cryptocurrency Miners and Solution on How to Block Cryptocurrency Miners in Your Web Browser

Cryptocurrency miners are actually a new scourge onto the web. Web pages now comes embedded with JavaScript which do runs into the user’s web browser for mining themselves Bitcoin or several other cryptocurrency utilizing your computer system. Experts have notified the websites keeping the cryptocurrency with themselves, and furnishing the users with higher electric bills, 100% CPU usage that ultimately drags the system’s speed badly and reduces the battery life on large extent.

The cryptocurrency miner firstly came into attention with the very popular CoinHive script, that get executed when users browses The Pirate Bay. However, there are various other mining scripts and other sites which do makes usage of them. Researchers have discovered a method that do enables a site to mine cryptocurrency even onto being closed on the browser tab.

Causes Making It Impossible For The Browsers To Block Cryptocurrency Miner

Web browser developers are debating numerous ways for stopping cryptocurrency miners.

Google Chrome‘s developers does not want to only keep the blacklist of cryptocurrency miner, thus they are thinking over attempt of adding a permission, preventing web pages from constantly utilizing all the user’s available CPU resources without their respective assent.

Furthermore, some adblockers also blocks the cryptocurrency miners. Nonetheless here it is not recommended to use those because of the fact that web runs on ads. According to experts, blocking the ads will do nothing, but just encourage more websites to make usage of cryptocurrency miners and several other terrible things against users without the adblock.

Assumptions are high that the browser developers will definitely decide a solution for helping users to protect themselves from cryptocurrency miner attacks in the future.

Solution on How to Block Cryptocurrency Miners in Your Web Browser

Solution 1 : Utilize Antivirus Software Which Blocks Miners

In a case if the web browsers themselves are not blocking cryptocurrency miners, then in that situation it is advised to go for some antivirus as well as antimalware programs.

Solution 2 : Install the ‘No Coin’ Browser Extension

Alternatively one can go for ‘No Coin’ browser extensions for blocking Cryptocurrency miners in the Web Browser. Though usually it is not advised to make use of browser extensions as it is not hidden from every one that majority of the browser extensions do includes tendency of turning into an adware program from being good. However in this case it is suggested if one don’t want to run antimalware program into his/her PC.

No Coin extension (available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera) is actually an effective extension whose open source type is the most popular one. This extension very efficiently blocks the Coin Hive and several other similar cryptocurrency miners. One can even, whitelist an certain malware and then can enable it to run. This extension is not available for browsers such as Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer

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Regardless of the fact the aforementioned solution will definitely provides the users with effective solution on how to block cryptocurrency miners in your Web browser, one can also go for several other ways of blocks the cryptocurrency miners scripts such as hosting file to reroute them and forbidding web pages from loading webapges.

Utilizing a cryptocurrency miner for generating revenue to a website doubtlessly could be an interesting tradeoff in a case if users are informed by websites utilizing miners that a miner is running and enables them to make an informed decision. However as a matter of fact one probably don’t notice the presence of miner inside the browser until a webpage is shown maxing out his/her CPU. Majority of the web pages do includes tendency of not furnishing the users with any sort of indication that their respective CPU is being utilized.

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