Sophos Home : Free Antivirus For System Users

The download and installation process of Sophos Home


  1. Before downloading Sophos Home utility, you have to create a user account on its official site. Unless you create an account, you cannot use their free product. During the creation of an account, it requires some details about you such as name, email address, and password.

  2. After creating an account, log in to Sophos Home Dashboard web page. To install it on your PC, click on the “Install” button which appears below “Add this Computer”.

  3. Now, you will get and executable Sophos Home file with 187MB size. Click on Install button and wait for the Finish at the end.

  4. A progressing bar will be displayed on your System screen.

  5. On the successful installation, it does not load any dialogues box or interface. You can see it in your System tray.

  6. Right clicking on icon presents two options including Open Sophos Home and Update now. Clicking on “Open Sophos Home” will display the interface of programs.

  7. To view and manage settings, Sophos Home includes three components, which can be individually switched on or off.

  8. To enable real-time protection, scroll down the settings and come across web content filtering option.

  9. The setting page also provides you options to set an expectation for items.

  10. In terms of notifications and alerts, the interface shows you that there are one or more threats.

  11. Clicking on Alerts button will open list of malware that found of Sophos Home. Then click on “clean” button.

  12. On your Sophos Home Dashboard, you can see a number of threats cleaned and sites blocked on each System.

  13. After a full scan, System was clean and could be used again.