Reaper : A Proven Dangerous Botnet Referred as Calm Before the IoT Security Storm

Want to gather information about Reaper ?? Well then read this article as it includes all the recent revealed report on Reaper Malware which is reported recently and making IoT devices quite vulnerable for its attack.

Reaper can be regarded as a variant of Mirai botnet infection which the malware researchers have notified utilizing actual software-hacking techniques for the purpose of breaking into targeted devices. Although it has similar properties when compared to Mirai but is actually more lethal in its impact since it makes use of loopholes pertaining to internet connectivity. Reaper is bound to target Large IT Companies and Corporate firms. Researches held by the Chinese security firm Qihoo 360 and the Israeli firm Check Point reveals ‘Reaper’ build onto the portions of Mirai’s code. Now despite the fact that both are botnets are identical to each other up to some extent, there is still a key difference i.e., unlike that of Mirai, Reaper does not guess the passwords of target device to compromise it, instead make usage of known security flaws in the code of those vulnerable machines, hacking in with an array of victimize tools and then propagating itself further.

According to the Manager of Check Point’s research team namely ‘Maya Horowitz’, the main difference between Mirai, it’s successors and Reaper is that unlike Mirai, Reaper not only exploit devices with default credentials, instead exploits numerous vulnerabilities in distinct IoT devices. It mainly targets and makes IoT devices more vulnerable by exploiting loopholes of unpatched devices and finally compromises them.

Experts have notified Reaper malware pulling out together a grab-bag of IoT hacking techniques including nine attacks compromising routers from D-Link, Linksys and Netgear along with internet-connected surveillance cameras such as the ones sold by companies like GoAhead, Vacron and AVTech. Researchers at Check Point has found fully around 60 percent of tracked networks been compromised with the aforementioned Reaper malware.

Till yet Reaper malware has not shown any signs of DDoS activity. However the infection do includes Lua-based software platform allowing new code modules to be downloaded to compromised machines. From this, it becomes very clear that the Reaper malware do have capacity of shifting it’s tactics at any instant of time to initiate weaponizing it’s hijacked routers and cameras.

Now, it is hoped that the information being shared within the security community about how to prevent against the Mirai attacks today will surely be beneficial for you in blunting any sort of attacks from Reaper tomorrow.

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