Locky Ransomware Got Reported Pushed Alongside FakeGlobe in Enhanced Spam Campaigns

The beginning of this September, furnishes the PC users with detection of a sizeable spam campaign propagating the latest locky variant. Locky is actually a noxious ransomware infection which the system security researchers have reported initially detected in the early months of 2016 and continued to evolve and propagate through numerous distinct method, specially spam email. A thorough research at samples from recent campaigns clearly reveals the cyber crooks utilizing numerous highly sophisticated propagation methods, affecting users in more than around 70 countries.

In the set forth mentioned particular campaigns, both the Locky and the ransomware FakeGlobe were being propagated – but the two were rotated. Experts have reported the cyber crooks behind the campaign crafted it in a manner that tapping a link from the spam email email will deliver Locky one hour, and then FakeGlobe the next. This literally maBackdoor.Vernetkes re-infection a distinct possibility, as victims compromised with one ransomware are still endangered to the next one in the rotation. The spam campaigns have been notified largely compromising users in China, Japan and the US. Additionally, 45% of the spam have been reported sent to over 70 other distinct countries.

The propagation time of this particular spam campaign propagating Locky as well as FakeGlobe has been reported coinciding with regular works hours at the time when majority of the users are likely to check out their respective mails. According to system security analysts, senders IPs of this spam wave are mostly from India, Vietnam and Iran. A total of around 185 distinct countries have been reported involved in distributing these two samples.

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Spam pushes rotating ransomware

The spam emails do contain a link along with an attachment. Both the thing are disguised as authentic invoices or bills targeting the user. Now though both the script inside the archive downloaded from the link and the one in the attachment are similar, but yet are in connection with distinct URLs for their download attempts.

The script downloaded from the link in the email body do include the set forth URLs

  • naturofind[.]org/p66/JIKJHgft
  • geolearner[.]com/JIKJHgft?
  • cabbiemail[.]com/JIKJHgft?

Comparatively, one in the attachment do leads to the below mentioned URLs :

  • naturofind[.]org/p66/JIKJHgft
  • m-tensou[.]net/JIKJHgft?

Experts while analyzing the scripts, notified spam emails downloading two distinct binaries. Between two of them, one connected with the geolearner[.]com/JIKJHgft? Download a .lukitus variant of locky along with an affiliate ID of ‘3’. The affiliate IS and the victim ID are transferred to the Locky’s CnC servers, enables the threat actors to determine exactly how to propagate the ransom payment.

Locky Wallpaper and ransom note

Locky Payment Page

The second script connected with the m-tensou[.]net/JIKJHgft? On the other side do downloads the FakeGlobe or ”Globe Imposter ransomware. FakeGlobe which got launched on the June of this year, also make usage of fake invoices as a entice. Being a ransomware program, it poses encryption operation onto the files stored in the system and appends .txt extension onto their respective ends. It additionally do features a support page which might help victims in paying.

FakeGlobe ransom note

FakeGlobe support pages

Now after a certain period of time, upon attempting to download from m-tensou[.]net/JIKJHgft? Again, experts reported the modification of file from FakeGlobe ro Locky. This clearly reveals that the files downloaded from the aforementioned URLs are being rotated. b

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