Time To Upgrade Windows OS : June 2018 Will be the End of Firefox For Win XP & Vista

In a statement made on October 4th, 2017, Mozilla announced that it will completely drop the support for Firefox browser in Windows XP and Vista after the mid of year 2018. However, Firefox users on these two operating system platform can expect regular security patches for the browser until then, but they have to make an effort to upgrade the Windows operating system sooner rather than later to continue using the tool. After the release of Firefox 53 in April 2017, it does not supported the Windows XP and Vista OS. Instead of this, the users were moved to the Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release). Meanwhile, ESR from Firefox was initially programmed for businesses, schools, universities and others who really need help with mass deployments.

At the last of year 2016, Mozilla promised to reassess users number in mid of this year, and then announced an end date for the final support of Firefox for the two operating system of Microsoft i.e. Windows XP and Windows Vista. That time, while a little delayed, has now come. Later in the August 2016, Mozilla dropped support for the Mac operating system i.e. Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8), Lion (Mac OS X 10.7) and Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6). Unlike Google, which in addition to the old Mac OS X releases also dropped Win XP and Vista support, Mozilla decided to keep supporting the older versions of Windows operating system.

According to the Mozilla, the company will not provide any kind of security updates for unsupported operating system and that older version will be dangerous for you to use, because they have known exploits. Mozilla also encourages the system users to upgrade their installed operating system with a newer version which is supported by the Microsoft in order to avail the services of Firefox browser. Although, Microsoft have already stopped providing patches for the older version of Windows OS like Windows Vista and XP in April, 2009 and then pulled the Extended Support for operating system on April, 2014. However, the main stream for Win Vista was ended on April, 2012 and the Extended Support was pulled on April, 2017.

On the other hand, Mozilla thus supported Windows XP and Windows Vista even longer than Microsoft did. Users of Windows XP operating system cannot upgrade to the newer version of Internet browsers designed by Microsoft. Still Internet Explorer version 8 is reported as latest version that the users of Win XP can install on their PC. Ultimately, IE 9 is one and only version of the browser available for Widows Vista and 7 users, while IE 10 and IE 11 are just only for Windows 7 operating system. This is the reason why, most of the Windows XP and Windows Vista users choose to use third party web browsers for surfing the Internet. Since neither Internet Explorer nor Google Chrome are options, most of them using Mozilla Firefox.

That is likely why Firefox kept support for older versions of Windows OS around for so long, which is the best option for thousands of millions of Windows users. Last month, Windows XP operating system had less than 6 per cent of market share, pert Net Applications. In reality, Win XP and Win Vista combined held 6.12 per cent of the pie which is not an insignificant number, to be sure, but the one that shows people need to be highly encouraged in order to get off older versions of Windows operating system. Even with an up-to-date Internet browser, using Windows XP and Windows Vista is considered simply a terrible security choice. So, it’s a high time to upgrade your OS to continue using Firefox browser onto your system.

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