IObit Unlocker : Free Utility

  • Initialize the IObit Unlocker program via right clicking the files/folders and then making selection of IObit Unlocker.
  • The application supports drag and drop files/folders for unlocking, in addition to tapping the Add button.

Unlock Options

  • Program provides the users with five distinct options for locked files/folders. One can directly unlock it or tap the drop down button right next to the Unlock button for choosing one another advanced action : Unlock & Rename, Unlock & Delete, Unlock & Copy, or Unlock & Move.

Unlock & Rename open up a new window. Users are only required to enter the new name and tap Unlock & Rename button.

In a case if more than one file/folder is to get renamed at a time, then it is suggested to select each files and enter the new name separately, then tap Apply Button. Following this, rename all files/folders and tap Unlock & Rename button.

Selection of Unlock & Delete enable the program to delete the locked file/folder directly.

Selection of Unlock &Copy enables the program to copy this locked file/folder to the specified destination folder.

Selection of Unlock & Move enables the program to move th locked file/folder to the specified destination folder. One cannot find the file/folder at original place.

Forced Mode

  • In a case if one get failed to unlock the file/folder in normal mode, then in that situation kindly check the box before Forced Mode to enable this function. Forced Mode will automatically terminate all the associated processes.