How to open Task Manager & End hanged programs

Steps for opening Task manager and ending hanged programs

Open Task manager  in Windows XP/Vista/ 7


To open Task Manager Windows first of all tap on Ctrl+Alt+Del together which will lead to the opening of windows having four options Lock, Switch user, Sign out and Task Manager.

  • Now in second Step make click on Task manager option present on Windows that showing Information about running programs.


  • In third step Move towards task manager link and if there no any pop up window appears then it might be hidden inside Frozen program. Make click on ALT+TAB to switch on task manager window.

  • In fourth step look for the hanged program and make click on it. There is great possibility of that program being hidden behind APPs header. Users may see the hanged program as not responding tag.


  • When the program gets selected and highlighted then make click on End Task option which is available in the bottom part of right-hand corner of task manager window. Now tap on End Task Program from the pop up dialog box.


To stop the actual process of the task you will need is that first of all you need to know that the process tab shows the information about the those program which stay in running stage on Computer. That process might be an application or subsystem or service that are run by OS. Now to end the process follow the below stated steps:

There is requirement of being cautious too much at the time of doing executing such steps.

  • First of all go to the process tab and make click on that.
  • If you are willing to end single process then then tap on that particular process that you want to end and tap on End process.
  • If you are willing to end the whole process directly or indirectly then make right click on the process and then tap on end process tree.

Task manager for Windows 8 AND 8.1

To open task manager in Windows 8 AND 8.1 first of all tap on CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keys and after that if prompted by UAC then select yes option.

  • On desktop Tap and hold on task bar then make click on task manager option and if prompted by UAC then choose Yes option.
  • Another way may include the process of making click on Ctrl+alt+delete keys in combination and now tap on task manager option. If prompted by UAC then select Yes option.
  • Task ,manager may be opened with the help of WIN+X Power Users menu by making click on task manager option. If prompted by UAC then select Yes OPTION.

Learn to close the hanged program using task manager


  • It is sometime noticed that program stops working which we call it as hanged position of PC.
  • To close the hanged program from task manager first of all follow the above process of opening it and make click on the Fewer details option present in lower left corner.
  • Now to close the hanged program choose it and make tap on End task option. You will see that the program has closed and lie in the position of restart.

Task manager in Windows 10

  • Get access to this app through taskbar.
  • First of all make right click on blank area of taskbar and select the task manger option in appeared menu list.

  • Open task manager using quick access menu
  • First of all make right click on lower left corner for opening the menu and then choose the task manager on it.

Open task manager with the help of start menu


  • First of all make click on start button present on bottom left and then select all the apps in menu.
  • Now open the windows system folder and make click on Task manager option to open it.

Open task manager using control panel


  • First get access to the control panel.
  • Type task manager in search box and make click on task manager in result.
  • Open the task manager with the help of search panel
  • Make click on Window+c to open the charms menu and select Search option on it.
  • Now type the task and make tap on task manager.
    In next step you will see two option for task manager in which you can select any one of them.

End the hanged program in Widows 10 from task manager


  • Tap on Ctrl+Alt+delete simultaneously.
  • Choose the Task manager:
  • Now choose the unresponsive program.
  • Make click on End task.
  • You may observe the the program has shut down.