How to Fix Windows Sleep Mode Wake Up Problem?

Are you facing Windows Sleep Mode Wake Up issues? Is your windows System doesn’t wake up from the sleep mode? Pressing of keyboard keys or moving of mouse doesn’t help you? Too much worried after facing this issue and searching for best solution to fix Windows Sleep Mode Wake Up problem from long time? If so, your search ends here. This post will definitely help you to resolve Windows Sleep Mode Wake Up issue.

Get Familiar With Windows Sleep Mode Wake Up Problem

Windows Sleep Mode Wake Up issue is a most common problem faced by almost all Windows user. It might occurs due to several factors. However, Sleep mode is a power-saving state that allows System to resume the full-power operation quickly when you really want to start your work again. The putting PC into sleep state is like the pausing of DVD player which means PC immediately stops what it’s doing and then it is ready to start again when user resume their work.

Best Solution To Fix Windows Sleep Mode Wake Up Problem

Solution 1 : Check Your Sleep Mode Settings

    • Go to Control Panel
    • In Control Panel, head to the Power options and then click on ‘Choose when to turn off the display’.

  • Confirm that ‘Put the computer to sleep’ are set up in proper way.

Solution 2 : Disable The Hibernate Feature

    • Go to Start button.
    • Open Run box and type power.
    • On next, choose option of Power & Sleep settings.
    • Now, enter the Additional power settings.
    • From the left side, click on ‘Choose what the power buttons do’ option.

    • To activate inactive options, click on ‘Change settings option that are currently unavailable’

  • Next, delete check-mark from Hibernate function.

Solution 3 : Restore Your PC Defaults

    • Go to Settings app and open up Power & sleep section.
    • After that click on Additional power settings option.

    • On next, select option of ‘Choose when to turn off the display’.

    • Choose ‘Restore default settings’ option. But if this doesn’t work then click on Change advanced power settings.

    • Click on Restore plan defaults and click on OK button.

Solution 4 : Check Sleep Mode Information Using Command Prompt

    • Go to Start button.
    • Type command Prompt and press on Enter key.
    • Right-click on it and choose option of ‘Run as administrator’.

  • In the command prompt, type powercfg -devicequery wake_armed and then hit on Enter key.
  • Later submit powercfg -lastwake and press on Enter key.

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