Flash Player flaw Reported to spread Hermes ransomware

Hacks Carried Out by Lazarus Group

At the end of January 2018, South Korean Emergency Response Team (KrCERT) publishes a news of Flash Player zero that used in the targeted attacks. Evidence suggests the infamous Lazarus Group, a hacking crew has been believed to be operating out of the North Korea is behind recent hack on FEIB (Far Eastern International Bank) in Taiwan. Hack often took place at start of month when the FEIB officials discovered the fraudulent attempts to wire $60 million to foreign banks which is usually located in Cambodia, Sri Lanka and US. Later Sri Lankan officials announced about the list of arrested individual who withdrew $195,000 and later attempted to withdrew $52,000 from money that arrived from the Taiwan into the three local accounts at Ceylon Bank.

The incident of such an attack caught eye of the International media as it was the latest in series of bank thefts depended on the cyber criminals employing a malware to capture bank’s SWIFT account and exploit SWIFT inter banking transactions System to transfer the money to novel destinations. The suspected Lazarus Group is expected to be long liked to performing the financial cybercrime. Furthermore, group behind Bangladesh Bank’s theft is also guilty for similar threats in Mexico and Poland bank. Malware creators took the advantage of such a news and decided to use it for distributing ransomware.

Hermes Ransomware Attacks Windows PC Since October 2017

According to the security analysts the flaw of Flash Player helped cyber hackers to spread the Hermes Ransomware. As we known that this ransomware was detected in the October 2017 that uses combination of RSA and AES cryptography to lock victims files. It added .hermes file extension to targeted files. The developers of this ransomware are often linked to Lazarus Group and theft were responsible for FEIB hack in Taiwan in October 2017. The creators of this ransomware doesn’t only steal money from banks but also continued in distributing updated variant of ransomware.

Tips To Protect Yourself From Ransomware Attacks

  1. Keep your Flash Player up-to-date.
  2. Enable option of automatic updates.
  3. Don’t open any message or download any dubious attachment that appear to your inbox from unknown sender.
  4. Choose always trusted sources or domain to download any freeware packages.
  5. Select always Custom/Advanced option instead of Typical/Default one.
  6. Avoid yourself from clicking on any suspicious advertisements or links.

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