Dramatic Drop of Malware Attack Reported as Hurricane Hit Texas & Florida

There has been considerable decline in the cases of malware attack reported in Texas and Florida after it was hit by Hurricane named Harvey and Irma. As an aftermath of these hurricanes which devastated areas around these regions, people were forced to remain offline. Eventually millions of System users spent little or did not at all accessed their PC due to devastating storms. After the two devastating hurricanes in the Miami, Houston, Florida and Texas, ESG scanned for Malware detection and found that malware infections in Houston area showed 52.5% drop from average as compared with August 29th, 2017. Before the Harvey Hurricane hit, malicious infections dropped 26.2% from average number of System infections.

[Know more about Malware, from it’s wikipedia]

In the Miami, incidence of malware attack was reported all time low than usual levels on 6th of September itself, as the Irma was declared category of 5 hurricane near the Puerto Rico. On the 6th, malware infection dropped to 79.1% as compared to the average. The malware infections continues to drop with very few cases of malware reported until September 10th, 2017 when the Irma hit mainland Florida. On the 10th of September, Enigma itself detected a handful infections in whole Miami which was had a drop of 89.3% on an average. In the five days, between when Irma has declared a category of the 5 hurricane and when the Irma hit Miami, the overall System infections were the 48.8% lower than the normal.

Enigma software’s spokesperson Ryan Gerding reported that there were two big reason for the drop. “First, people simply lost the access to their usual online activity”. Because of the evacuations or flooding, massive power outages etc there was no any way for them to be engaging online in the typical activity which as a result injects PC with malicious System threats viz SecurityRisk.LaZagne. The second reason was at all had online access were focused on the other things and preferred staying away from the Systems.

It is really not first time that the dramatic weather activity has largely impacted the people’s lives with a massive decline in level of System malware or infections. The team of ESG has found that when ever people are forced to stay at the home because of the work, road conditions and school cancellations, the malware infections always spike. The spending of more time online like surfing websites, playing online games, increases the more chances for the malware infection. That’s why, it is really very important for the everyone, residing in the hurricane prone areas and elsewhere, they have to remain always vigilant while surfing the Internet or doing any online operation.

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