Delete Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 Instantly

Solution To Delete Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 from Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista & XP

​​Delete Decrypt0r 3.0

Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 : Another Imposter of WannaCry

Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 is another variant of most infamous WannaCrypt ransomware that affects Windows PC globally. It seems to be created for the Chinese speaking System user because it provides the details in Chinese language. Whereas the real version of such a ransomware provides the ransom demanding messages in 28 translations. It has the ability to infect almost all System that executes on the Windows based Operating System such as Windows 7, XP, NT, Me, Vista, Server 2000, Server 2005, Server 2008, 8, 10 and so on. Unlike other, it does not encrypted stored data, thus its removal is very easy.

Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 : Source of Infiltration

Like predecessor, Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 also used Windows SMB exploits to affect the huge number of Windows Systems. The programmers of such a ransomware usually spread it via spam email or junk mail attachments. Now-a-days, it comes as .exe files that lined with suspicious attachments or email messages. Scammers are always trying to convince you to download or open such a malicious files by disguising them as a safe ones. If you received and questionable email or message for someone you don't know then you should not open them. Besides this, it uses other distribution channels to attack PC. To keep PC safe from such an attack, you have to keep your OS and software up-to-date, keep a backup copy, scan PC on regular basis, do not open any suspicious attachments, avoid to visit any gambling sites and much more.

Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 : Malicious Activities

Once launched into the PC, it displays a screen locking message. The creators of this ransomware are simply attempt to copy the interface of original ones to scare victims and convince them to pay ransom fee. Although, security researcher usually recommended that you should not pay ransom fee because the team of cyber hackers refuse to deliver the decryption key even paying off the huge amount of ransom fee. As said, it is a poorly developed malware but it does not mean that you should take it lightly. Take an immediate action regarding removal of Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 otherwise you have to suffer with serious troubles. 

How to Delete Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 from Windows

Solution To Delete Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 Manually

Step 1 : Start PC in Safe Mode

  • Firstly Restart your Windows System.

  • Next, open Boot menu via pressing F8 button.

  • Three distinct options will get viewed in Boot menu.

  • Utilize arrow key and select ‘Safe Mode With Networking’ option and press Enter.

Step 2 : Find and Remove Hidden Vicious Files From System

Show Hidden Files and Folder

How To Show Hidden Files & Folders in Windows XP/Vista/7

  • Initially right-click on Windows Logo and then make selection of Open Windows Explorer.
  • Tap Organize and select Folder -> Search Options.
  • Next, click on View tab.
  • Select Show hidden files and folder and further then uncheck the Hide protected system operating files option.

  • Lastly ‘Yes’ in confirmation window and then tap OK.

How To Show Hidden Files & Folders in Windows 10 PC

  • First of all press Windows + E on the keyboard.
  • Then tap View tab.

  • Check File name extensions and Hidden items.
  • Delete Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 Associated Files from Hidden Folders
  1. %Temp%\[Wana Decrypt0r 3.0]
  2. %AppData%\[Wana Decrypt0r 3.0]
  3. %LocalAppData%\[Wana Decrypt0r 3.0]
  4. %LocalAppData%\[Wana Decrypt0r 3.0].exe
  5. %CommonAppData%\[Wana Decrypt0r 3.0]
  6. %AllUsersProfile%random.exe

Step 3 : Delete Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 and several other suspicious programs from Control Panel

Solution To Delete Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 For Windows XP

  • Press Start button > Control Panel from Start Menu.

  • Make selection of Uninstall a program to open Programs and Features.

  • Search Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 and other unwanted programs > Select Remove

Solution To Delete Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 For Windows 7 & Vista

  • First of all Go to Start Menu and then tap Control Panel option.

  • Next in Control Panel, go to Programs section and then tap Uninstall a program option.

  • Now from the list of all program, make selection of Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 and tap Delete tab.

Solution To Delete For Windows 8 & 8.1

  • Firstly turn the Mouse to the lower – left corner of the screen and then press the Start button.
  • Secondly, enter ‘Control Panel’ in search box, tap Control Panel.

  • Make search of Ransomware and unwanted programs > select Uninstall

Solution To Delete Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 For Windows 10

  • First of all go to Start Menu and then search for Control Panel.

  • Now from the Control Panel Windows, make selection of Program and Feature option.

  • The list of all kinds of programs installed in the system will get displayed.
  • Select Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 and all other unwanted as well as vicious applications, click Uninstall tab.

  • Finally at last a confirmation Windows will get appeared on the screen, tap ‘Yes’ to confirm and restart your system.

Step 4 : Delete Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 Related Registry Files

  • Press Win+R keys.

  • Secondly, type regedit.exe in the dialog box and after that press OK.

  • Lastly find and delete below mentioned registry files from your system.

Method 2 : Delete Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 utilizing System Restore

Step 1 : Reboot your system to Safe Mode with Command Prompt

For Windows XP/Vista/7

  • Tap Start -> Shutdown -> Restart -> OK
  • Now when the system gets activate, press F8 multiple times. Keep it pressing until the Advanced Boot Options window get displayed.
  • Make selection of Command Prompt from the list.

For Windows 8/10

  • First of all press the Power button at the Windows login screen. Next press and hold Shift on the keyboard and tap Restart.
  • Make selection of Troubleshoot -> Advanced options -> Startup Settings and then finally press Restart.
  • Once the system get active, select Enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt in Startup Settings window.

Step 2 : Restore your system files and settings.

  • Once the Command Prompt window get displayed, enter cd restore and tap Enter.

  • Next type rstrui.exe and then press Enter once again.

  • At the time when when the new window get displayed, tap Next and make selection of your restore point which is prior the penetration of Wana Decrypt0r 3.0. Further then tap Next.

  • Later tap Yes to initialize the system restore.

File Recovery After Ransomware Attack

Easy Steps To Recover Files Encrypted By Wana Decrypt0r 3.0

Step 1 : Utilize present backups

Step 2 : Utilize professional data recovery software

Data Recovery Software – a specialist software including potential of restoring partitions, photos, data documents and 300 more file types lost/deleted because of several corruption and incidents.

Step 3 : Utilizing System Restore Point –

  • Firstly hit WIN Key.
  • Make selection of ‘Open System Restore’ and implements the below shown steps

Step 4 : Restore the personal files utilizing File History

  • First of all hit WIN Key.
  • Secondly type ‘restore your files’ in the search box.
  • Make selection of ‘Restore your files with File History’.
  • Next, choose a folder or type the name of the file in the search bar.

  • Lastly, press the ‘Restore’ button.

Solution To Clean Wana Decrypt0r 3.0

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Solution To Use : Hidden Tear Decrypter After Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 Attack

  • Step 2 : Extract the program to easily access it and open it as administrator.

  • Step 3 : Choose Browser Sample option from the main interface to select the sample of Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 encrypted file.

  • Step 4 : Now, select the type of Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 from the down-left menu.

  • Step 5 : Click on Start BruteForce button. The key is found as soon as brute forcing has finished. Copy and save it in a .txt file.
  • Step 6 : Here, download Hidden Tear Decrypter. Extract and open the Hidden Tear Bruteforcer.
  • Step 7 : Paste the key copied, write the type of extension used by Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 and now click on Decrypt button.

Guide To Use Free Edition of iCare Data Recovery Utility After Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 Removal

Step 1: Download and install iCare Recovery on a non-data-loss drive. After that, launch the program and you would see two options for file recovery. Select the one to start data restoration process.

Step 2: Select the media where data got deleted or lost and tap on “Next” option to search for all lost data due to Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 infection.

Step 3: When the scanning process is completed, it will display all found files. Here, you can preview Wana Decrypt0r 3.0 encrypted files and select all data that you need in order to save them to another drive.

Features of iCare Data Recovery Software

Free Edition of iCare Data Recovery Tool Provides Following Facilities

Note:Do not install the iCare recovery software onto the disk where you lost your valuable data, because the lost files or data will be overwritten.