Black Friday and Cyber Monday alert: How To Prevent Scams!

Are you facing with Black Friday and Cyber Monday alert? If so, don’t take such an alert in light way because it is actually a scam that can cause lots of serious problems to you. Before knowing how to prevent yourself from Black Friday and Cyber Monday alert, get familiar with all aspects related to it.

All About Black Friday and Cyber Monday alert

These days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday alert are around the each corner of Internet that means only DEALS and DEALS. When the festival or holiday season gets closer, people spends more time to do online shopping than usual because at that time people get more exciting deals, offers and discounts. Unluckily, the group of cyber hackers take advantage of this top and creates numerous scams and Black Friday and Cyber Monday alert is one of the them. Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are considered as the most popular shopping days of world.

Symptoms To Recognize The Black Friday and Cyber Monday alert

  • Reward Scams and Gift Card – If you are getting an opportunity to win Amazon rewards or Walmart Gift card vis text message or emails then it is confirm that your PC is contaminated with Black Friday and Cyber Monday alert. The scammers or cyber hackers often uses helpful services or messaging apps such as WhatsApp to deliver such an alerts.
  • Lotteries & Surveys with the valuable prizes – Black Friday and Cyber Monday alert starts by offering user to win a smartphone like Samsung or Apple product as a bait for the unsuspected System users. This type of scam asks users to fill the required detail in order to receive gift. Through this way hackers collect your all sensitive data. So, be ware of suspicious pop-up reward scams and suspicious retailers.
  • Fraudulent or Spam email campaigns – Scammers knows very well that many of the System user shop for online gift to send to their loved ones across the global world. Therefore, scammers take advantage of this facts and send some spam message or campaign to users inbox and urges them into opening on it.

Tips To Protect Yourself Against Black Friday and Cyber Monday alert

  • Don’t open any spam email attachment.
  • Don’t trust on any message that ask you to click on something unusual.
  • Avoid yourself from clicking on unknown adverts or pages.
  • Keep your install programs or application always up-to-date.
  • Avoid yourself from doing online shopping over Wi-Fi.
  • Take advantages of bank’s protection.
  • Double-check on applications before downloading it.
  • Create unique name and password for your account.
  • Beware of odd and suspicious link.
  • Monitors your bank account strictly.
  • Use 2-step verification.
  • Be sure your site is legitimate or secure.
  • Keep the financial detail always secure.

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