Beware of Christmas 2018 Malware Scam

Get Familiar With Some Christmas Malware 2018

With the enhancement in use of Internet, hackers has created lots of malware to infect user. Each year, on Christmas, hackers ramp up their notorious actions. If we talk about Christmas then it means presents and the presents mean shopping. Like other occasion, System users also do online shopping but unluckily the increasing number of user shopping online means the more scams. This years means 2018, lots of Christmas malware 2018 has been created by hackers to target the user’s personal data and their credit card details. So, you must be on lookout for scams specially on shopping. This post includes information of some Christmas Malware 2018, so read this post completely.

Amazon Themed Scams

Being a System user, we all are familiar with a fact that Amazon is a trusted, well-reputed and widely used online shopping site. So, hackers take advantage of it to infect user PC. After the depth analysis, experts revealed that the customers of Amazons often received the message or email from retailer notifying them about data breach. This type of scam involves an email message that seems as sent by the legitimate Amazon itself to make email too much convincing. The email address of recipient’s is placed at the starting with the bold text which confuses System users into thinking that email is personalized but actually it is a phishing attempt. Another scams related to Amazon are Amazon went through a security incident, $1000 Amazon Gift Cards scam etc.

Secret System Gift Exchange Scam

On the Social networks like Facebook, Secret System Gift Exchange Scam has been already identified that is known for offering the gift exchange which requires users to send money. In the return of money, they offered several amazing or exciting gifts which user are never received. This practice leads user to several fraud issues. You can also considered it as the modified version of Secret Santa Gift Exchange Scam which is really too much popular in the Reddit communities and the Facebook groups. The participating System users need to send gift to the novice user in order to exchange of item.

The “I’m a programmer who cracked your email” Scam

On the Internet, The “I’m a programmer who cracked your email” Scam is a really very hot topic these days. Such a scamming message is spread over the email that mainly relies on the social engineering tactics. If you are receiving such a scam message then immediately you should change your email password but before that you must eliminate or delete malware from your PC.

Beware of Christmas 2018 Malware Scam

Aforementioned all scams are real threat. Specifically it has been designed by the team of cyber criminals just only to earn money from you and this is why, hackers created lots of scam in daily basis. In order to avoid yourself having such a scam you must opt some safeguard tips including :

  1. Don’t open any spam message that arrived to your inbox from unknown sender.
  2. Be cautious while opening of any message.
  3. Don’t click on any unknown or hacked link.
  4. Scan your PC on the regular basis.
  5. Always keep your OS and the installed application up-to-date.
  6. Keep the backup copy of your data, files or application on the regular basis and many more.

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