Daily Archive: December 7, 2019

Delete [email protected] File Virus from Firefox

[email protected] File Virus : Newly Discovered File Encoder Virus [email protected] File Virus is a dangerous file-encrypting virus reported by security analysts. It is especially designed to target the English-speaking system users and identified to encipher as much personal files as possible that were stored on victim's OS. In order to encipher the files saved on compromised OS, the malware uses strong cryptography algorithm. After encoding the specific file types, the threat adds strange extension onto them and make those files inaccessible for…
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Yarraq Ransomware Deletion: Easy Guide To Delete Yarraq Ransomware Completely

Brief Description On Yarraq Ransomware Yarraq Ransomware is another file-encrypting malware which belongs to the family of Ransomware. The threat has been detected by malware researchers and uses sophisticated cryptography algorithm in order to encode the targeted files and makes them inaccessible for the victimized users. After it successfully encrypts the files stored on affected user's PC, the threat appends the file name by adding weird file extension onto them. Later on, Yarraq Ransomware drops a ransom notification onto every…
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