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VenusLocker Ransomware Operators Now Switch From Ransomware to Cryptocurrency Mining

Latest News Related To Switching of VenusLocker Ransomware As we know very well that cyber-criminals always changes their tactics to gain online money illegally.¬†Undoubtedly, the cryptocurrency mining is on the rise. According to the latest report of security analysts, the…
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Tips on How to Block Cryptocurrency Miners in Your Web Browser

About Cryptocurrency Miners and Solution on How to Block Cryptocurrency Miners in Your Web Browser Cryptocurrency miners are actually a new scourge onto the web. Web pages now comes embedded with JavaScript which do runs into the user’s web browser…
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File-Locker Ransomware Targets Korean Victims Seeking 50K Won

Infamous File-Locker Ransomware is Once again in news for wrong reasons… File-Locker Ransomware is specifically targeting Koreans and infecting their PC. What is most shocking that it is demanding a hefty sum of 50K as ransom amount leaving a note…
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Terdot Trojan : A Severe Malware Variant Works As A Banking Trojan

Terdot Trojan Can Make System Valuable Files Complete Inaccessible A new banking Trojan is on the rise detected as Terdot Trojan. It was firstly noticed on October 2016. It is used as a primary sophisticated hacking tool as a banking…
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Ordinypt Ransomware Targeting Germany To Intentionally Delete Users Files

Ordinypt Ransomware

A new strain of ransomware which is dubbed as Ordinypt is currently targeting German PC users but instead of encrypting their valuable documents or files this rewrites the compromised files using random data. This ransomware was firstly detected by the…
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Google Announces New Features In Chrome Browser Against Malvertising Tactics & Site Redirection

Recently, Google announced that It is going to introduce several security features to its most popular web browser that is Chrome. It will introduce 3 new Chrome security features. Now, Chrome will be able to prevent the sites from leading…
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